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Tips to land your first job after graduation

Tips to land your first job after graduation

Sep 06 2017

Most college graduates are eager to land their first job as soon as they leave school. Regardless of the industry you’re going into, here are a few tips that will help you navigate a job search and land your first job.

Block out a period of time to conduct your job search each day and stick to it. If you’re at home, turn off the ringer on your phone and avoid working in a room with a television. When searching for jobs online, be sure to log out of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This way, you won’t be tempted to check for updates every few minutes.

Spend some time reading the job descriptions of the positions you’re interested in. Read up on the companies you’re interested in working for, as well. If possible, try and find the name and address a contact person. Keep track of the postings and companies you’re applying to, as well. This will be handy when following up after you’ve submitted your application.

Don’t forget to use all the resources available to you. Drop by the Career Services department on campus and check out the job board. Stay in touch with your former classmates and instructors.

Your cover letter and resume are the tools that will help you get an interview. A cover letter serves as your introduction to a prospective employer, so remember to keep it focused on the company you’re applying to. Avoid using a form letter or cover letter template. Each job is unique, so each cover letter should be unique as well. It shouldn’t be longer than one page, either.

Your resume is your chance to highlight your qualifications and experience. Tailor your resume to suit each application. Fine tune and keep it up-to-date whenever possible. Keep it under two pages.

Be careful about spelling. All word processing programs come with spell check, so there’s no excuse to have misspelled words in your letters or resumes. Proofread each time you make a change or update. Ask one or two other people to review your resume as well.

Review your resume so you’re ready for questions about your qualifications, education and experience. Ask a friend, family member or classmate to practice your interview skills. Do some research the company so you have enough background information about your prospective employer.

Dress appropriately for a job interview and arrive 10 minutes early. Be confident and polite. Listen to each question and think before giving your answer. Speak clearly during your interview. Prepare a few questions before hand to show you’re interested in the position and the company.

Send a follow up or thank you note after the interview. Not only is this polite, it may help to keep you at the forefront of the pack.

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