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Why going back to school might not be such a bad idea

Why going back to school might not be such a bad idea

Apr 13 2017

"I am too old to go back to school." 

"Going back to school is a waste of time." 

"It's too expensive to go back to school."

Do any of these sound like you? If so, you are not alone. In fact, plenty of people fail to consider the value of going back to school or the types of opportunities they are missing by not taking up a new skillset, or worse - not obtaining the credentials they need to move their career along. 

You may be concerned about being unable to cover the costs of an education, but the Government of Alberta has loans and grants that, in some cases, could fund most of your education. 

Opportunity comes in many shapes and forms, and by going back to school to pursue a new career, you may be pleasantly surprised with the growth and financial gain that comes with it. If you need some more convincing, here are our top 4 reasons you should consider going back to school: 

If you were impacted by the decline of oil and gas jobs in Alberta, chances are you are currently looking for work, or you accepted an employment opportunity as soon as it presented itself to you -  even if it didn’t align with your personal goals.  Going back to school would enable you to explore a new career interest or fulfil a lifelong career dream.

As the adage goes, you are never too old to learn. Often, adults fool themselves into believing that education is wasted on them at their age, but that is not true; and frankly, having that kind of attitude sells your potential short. Gaining new knowledge and becoming cognizant of your potential makes the skies the limit for both your personal growth and your career goals.  

It goes without saying that education is never a bad thing depending on the type of field you are choosing to pursue. Having a certificate, diploma or degree can increase your employability and, in some cases, be the difference in securing an interview. 

According to a research study by the University of Ottawa published in June of 2016, higher education is linked to higher salaries almost regardless of the subject of study. The average salary for a college grad in 2005 was $33,990 – by 2013, that figure had grown by 59 per cent to reach a staggering $54,000. 

– Career Fair Canada Team

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