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Mar 11 2020

It’s an exciting time when you decide to pursue a new career path. You’re about to open the door to new skills, relationships, and opportunities – but it’s not a decision to take lightly. Before you invest your time and money in training, you need to consider many factors.

Here’s one of the most important: How likely it is that you’ll find work once you graduate? You can get a good sense of this by researching the job outlook for each occupation.

 Job outlook is a forecast of how the number of people working in a specific field will change over a given period. It’s no guarantee of employment, but it can help you understand your chances of success.

 Do you want to enter a growing field? Here are four jobs the Government of Alberta says have “above average” outlooks:

 1. Travel Counsellor

 Help tourists make memories that last a lifetime. They’ll count on your expertise to book airline tickets, lead tours, plan vacations, and more.

 2. Dental Assistant

 Work with dentists to keep smiles bright and healthy. With your dental skills and knowledge, you’ll give patients the quality care they need.

 3. Massage Therapist

 Improve the health and wellness of your clients. With your understanding of the body, you’ll know how to give the treatment they need to relieve pain or recover from injury.

 4. Pharmacy Assistant

 Keep a busy pharmacy running. You’ll help people get the medication they need with your understanding of compounding, packaging, and labelling.

Train in Calgary

 How do you get started in any of these growing fields? You can get the training you need at CDI College in Calgary. Apply today for the program that best suits your goals, including Travel and Tourism, Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy, or Pharmacy Assistant.

 All of these programs include real-world practicum placements or clinical experience, and you can complete most of them in less than a year. Get started today at CDI College.

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